Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Rules help keep life in order, working good, and peaceful. Can you imagine playing a game with no rules? Have you ever purchased a new board game and sat down at the table to play? What is the first question on everyone’s mind? They want to know what are the rules?

What about sports? Certainly there are rules for football, baseball, basketball, soccer, and all other sports. Games and sports are not the only places where good rules are needed. All aspects of life go better when the rules are fair, clear, and followed. Trying driving your car and not paying attention to the rules of safety. Break a couple of them and you might get pulled over or worse yet have a terrible accident.

What about the rules for the home? Homes with no house rules are not happy places. Here are a few vital rules for the home.

1. Always be honest. 2. Count your blessings. 3. Bear each other’s burdens. 4. Forgive and forget. 5. Be kind and tenderhearted. 6. Comfort one another. 7. Keep your promises. 8. Be supportive of one another. 9. Be true to each other. 10. Look after each other. 11. Treat each other as your friends. 12. But most important, love one another deeply from the heart.

Here is one more great rule: Do unto your family as you would have your family do to you, or do unto your spouse as you would have your spouse do unto you. Or, do unto your sibling as you would have your sibling do unto you.

Where did I get these rules? They are from the best guide book in the world, The Holy Bible. Jesus taught the Golden Rule and the best place to practice this rule is in the home.

Here is one final rule: Clean up your own mess. That rule works too.

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