Monday, March 15, 2010


Sunday is a work day for preachers. Just think, all a preacher has to do is work a couple of hours on Sunday and he has his work week accomplished. I'm a preacher a that is little joke, very little. Sunday's can be busy far beyond two hours in church.

But this Sunday I enjoyed one of the best Sunday afternoon naps in a long time.

Wanda and I got home from church, and she quickly prepared a delicious meal. We ate and talked for a while and then helped gather up the dishes. Then I got in the comfy chair in the family room with a college basketball game on TV with my feet propped and began to cut the zzz's. Before I knew it it was late afternoon and I felt refreshed.

Our God knows that we need a day of rest and renewal. That is why He made Sunday. Our bodies were not made to go week after week with no R&R. We need rest and renewal.

Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-A are setting the business standard by honoring the Lord's Day. From what I hear their profit margins are doing well too. I just wonder if God doesn't have something to do with that.

Now I am ready to face a new week. Sunday naps work! Believe me, preachers work far more than a couple of hours on Sunday.

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