Monday, March 8, 2010


This past weekend my daughter, Jennifer, won a mountain bike race in Puerto Rico. Training, competing, and winning are never easy. Hours of strenuous practice, lots of sweat, and grueling hours are required to be a champion in any sport.

Jennifer had trained hard and racing up and down mountains is not easy for anyone. I really can't imagine pulling up steep hills and flying down the other side while weaving and dodging trees and underbrush and racing over roots and rocks. It just doesn't seem very safe, but Jennifer is an outstanding mountain biker and loves the sport.
She can beat most women racers and keeps up with and even passes some of the guys.

The picture is of Jennifer with her bike as she holds up her trophy and a wad of money that went to the winner.

Congratulations Jennifer! I am proud of you! Now don't forget to pay your tithe on the prize money.

Jennifer was also a champion high school swimmer and won many races. She won one race by 1/100 of a second against a far superior swimmer. Jennifer was behind going down the final stretch, but she didn't quit, caught the leader, and won. Believe me. That was one exciting race.

What does it take to be a champion? It takes:

Heart, Courage, Work

More Work, Confidence, Sweat

Commitment, Perseverance, Intense Training

A Great Coach, Support, Follow-through

Talent, Time, Tenacity

Focus, Practice, Vision

Enthusiasm, Passion, Grit

And More


I bet you could add a few words to the list.

Here is the real question. What does it take to be a champion for Christ? That is the list of champions we all want to be included.


  1. Congrats, Jennifer!! I'm proud of and for you!
    Love ya, Grandpa Dykes

  2. Allow Christ to live His life out through me, as me. Gal. 2:20