Monday, April 22, 2013


I was sleeping so good, but Wanda woke me.

"Milton, we've got a problem," she said.

It was 4 AM and the patter of rain on our tent sounded so good. It was good sleeping weather.

I looked up and the tent was sagging in the middle down almost to the ground. We definitely had a problem. It was a big water problem. I felt around  in the dark and didn't feel any water or dampness. Thankfully the water had not yet invaded our tent.

With one big upward push, the water drained down all sides of our tent. We were still dry. It hadn't been raining that hard so I wondered what caused the tent to sag, and then I saw it. A huge glob of moss had fallen on the tent pushing it downward and the water pooled into the top of the tent. Another big upward push got rid of the moss and we were good to go the rest of the night.

Wanda and I love tent camping in good weather. When it is cool with clear skies, we enjoy the outdoors. We knew that there was a chance of rain, but we were hoping the weatherman was wrong. We laughed it off and went back to sleep.

The next morning was when the nasty effects of camping in the rain took place. Now, the tent and anything left outside was wet. Packing wet gear isn't fun, but we decided to laugh through the rain.

The great philosopher Bill Cosby once said that you can deal with any problem in life if you can find something to laugh about as you go through it. He is right.

We laughed and packed up the wet gear and enjoyed our time camping.

Rain falls on the righteous campers and the unrighteous campers, but the joy of the Lord helps you through the rain.

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