Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My expectation level is rising. I think you call that faith. God is in the faith honoring business. He honors those who believe Him and obey Him. That is called having faith.

Faith without works is dead. James wrote that. He is right.

So now my faith level is rising. I am remembering what He has done for me and for others. I believe what He Word says about His miracle working power. I am expecting many, many miracles from God for me and for others.

I have determined to pray more in my heavenly prayer language. That engages my faith. It emboldens my faith. It give my faith power. When I pray in the Spirit it builds me up. It is faith strengthening.

I received my heavenly prayer language on July 4, 1963 at Oak Mountain State Park just outside of Birmingham, AL. It was one of the most powerful, spiritual experiences of my life. It was a Book of Acts experience. I spoke in a language I did not know. God's presence filled my life and overflowed all over me.

That experience is still real. It still works. It still raises my faith level. I am expecting more from God than ever before for others, my church family, and the lost.

I have great expectations. I can't wait to see what miracles God is going to work today.

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