Friday, December 9, 2011


Wanda and I are on the run. We left Jacksonville on Thursday afternoon headed to Tampa. We left Tampa that evening driving back up to Leesburg. Friday morning we’re headed to Orlando, and then later Friday afternoon we return back to Jacksonville.

Why make such a trip?

The answer is simple.


One grandson had a track meet. One grandson had a music concert. One grandson had a football game. Proud grandparents want to see it all.

We can’t do everything or go to everything they do, but it is a joy to share in their lives and watch them grow up. It is happening so quickly. They are good grands. We are proud of them all.

We also celebrated Julie’s birthday which is next Tuesday. We made every moment count. Julie is such a beautiful young woman. We are so proud and thankful to the Lord for her.

Between going to Tampa and Orlando we stopped overnight and saw mom and dad. Our visits were too quick, but very enjoyable. We love our family.

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