Friday, December 16, 2011



I don't feel so hot. I have caught the sniffles or whatever is gong around. One moment I have chills and then the next I am hot. Don't think I have had a fever. And boy can I sneeze. Just ask Wanda. I think I have sneezed to loud that she has nearly fainted.

My cure is lots of liquids, rest, soup, and cold medicines. More than that I have prayed and asked the Lord to touch my body.

Someone asked me recently if God heals. My answer is yes, I believe God heals today. Is everyone healed? The obvious answer is no. I don't have all the answers on divine healing, but I know that if we pray then God hears. I would rather believe in a prayer answering God who doesn't limit how He answers or what prayers He answers. If He answers any prayers, and He does, then I believe He can answer all prayers.

So I am expecting to get better soon. He cares about colds too!

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