Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Grace is unmerited favor. It is kindness shown for the undeserving. It is the manifestation of God's love. It is clemency. It covers failures and shortcomings. It forgives, forgets, and forbears.

All of us need it. We all fall short. No one is perfecK.

Grace should not be taken for-granted or abused. Grace received should be with thanksgiving and gratitude.

Once I had to go before a judge due to not having a properly registered car tag. I had registered the car, but unknowing to me the metal tag wasn't current. A officer stopped me and gave me a citation. As I stood before the judge I could show that the car sticker was current, but I didn't know what happened with the tag. It could have cost several hundred dollars.

But, the judge was gracious. The state prosecutor wanted a harsher sentence, but the judge accepted my answer and let me go.


Was I ever grateful. I deserved a fine, but grace was given.

I was thankful beyond my few words here. What is the point? All of us need grace at one time or another. It behooves us to show grace.

Grace is good.

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