Monday, December 26, 2011


I told Wanda that I had bought her a gift for Christmas this year that she would never forget. That perked her curiosity. We both bought each other five gifts for Christmas. It wasn't planned, but that is what happened.

So on Christmas Eve she opened three gifts and I opened three gifts. We saved two each to open on Christmas morning. I picked the ones she was to open and she picked the ones I was to open.

You guessed it. The gift that she will never forget was saved to open until Christmas morning. She got more curious.

Now all the giving and receiving is over, except for Julie and the boys. There is one Christmas celebration to share. They are excited.

But probably not any more curious than Wanda was about her gift to remember. I kept telling her that she would never forget this one. So Sunday morning came and two more gifts were opened by each of us.

One of her gifts was gold earrings. She loved them, but they were not to the gift to remember. That was yet to come. What do you think?

A ring?


A car?

A purse?


No, this was to be a gift never to be forgotten. We've gotten into camping some, and when you camp in a tent there is one convenience that they don't add in any tent I have ever seen. Wanda has had to slip out into the night and into the bushes because of this forgotten convenience. So have you guessed the gift to remember yet? I gave her a camping, portable potty! She laughed and loved it. Now that is a gift to remember on a cold, dark night in a tent!

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  1. Wow! You were true to your word! Unforgettable! What a hoot! LOL. :)