Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Tuesday I did a grave side service at the National Cemetery for one of our church members, who was a veteran. That is always a solemn service with honors and respect. I am always emotionally charged at these funeral services.

After saying a few words and then praying, they play taps. People silently weep. Strong men are misty eyed. Little children quietly ask their moms what is happening. It is a moment of awe.

They only allow 30 minutes at the National Cemetery for services including driving in and parking, unloading, a brief service with honors, and then leaving. It is quick. Soo many veterans are passing that they have to bury them at a fast pace.

As I drove in and left, you could see white markers lined up perfectly straight in every direction. The grave markers are distinctively laid out in perfect lines from all angles with dignity and awe.

Thank God for veterans who have served our Country. Thank God for the freedoms they have won and guarded for us. I salute those who have lived and died for our liberty.

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