Monday, July 4, 2011


Recently we had six of our seven grandchildren here in our home for several days. Now that will keep a Nana busy! Yes, she was!

They are loads of fun, and busy, busy, busy.

I took all six of them to the Hands On Museum, and of course we took them to the beach. No, there were no trips to the zoo, zoo, zoo this time. Maybe another day.

Wanda decided that she wanted to buy bird houses and let the grands all paint one. I saw paint everywhere, but she prevailed anyhow. They loved it. Each one's little personality came across in their paintings. There was a little paint on the floor and one wall, but nothing was hurt. And, they all had a ball.

Now we have six little bird houses in our back yard, and there will be one more bird house to be painted a little this summer.

When we look out the back window, there all the little birdies' houses. I don't know if they'll ever house birdies, but they will remind us of them and a painting adventure with Nana.

Isn't Wanda special. I love her.

Six little birdies: Alex, Nic, Cole, Paige, Claudia, and Lorenzo. One little birdie hasn't flown in yet, but he will. Alex Clark will make it seven. Then there will be seven little bird houses for seven little birdies. Now they are special!

Cole and Paige are back up for a short visit with their mom and dad. They are the first to see the little bird houses in the back yard.


  1. I LOVE this idea! Can't wait to do that with our grandkids! What a great memory maker!

  2. You can get bird houses at Hobby Lobby. Bright colors make them stand out. The only problem with Wanda's idea is the the kiddies wanted to take their bird houses home with them. They loved the houses so much!