Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Life goes better where there is love and respect. Marriage goes better too when love and respect are mutually given. Both virtues are found in the grace of God. When Jesus is alive in our hearts these elements flow freely.

Men need the respect and women need the love. Of course both can use a healthy dose of both. Now what does that mean? Well, when you love then you will show respect, and when you respect then you will show love. So both men and women need both love and respect. It is just than men's egos need more respect and women's emotions need more love.

Both love and respect flow from the heart of God. His love affects our speech, actions, life styles, and destiny.

Here is the deal. If you show respect to your man then you are more likely to receive tenderness and love, and if you show tenderness and love to your lady then you are more likely to receive the respect.

It is a law. The law is called sowing and reaping. It is God's law. It is a law of life.

So don't worry about what you are receiving. Just give attention to what you are giving. The rest will just work out.

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