Friday, July 8, 2011


Most of America has been on edge this week with the conclusion of the Casey Anthony trial in Orlando, FL, and the not guilty verdict. Did she do it? The jurors didn't feel there was proof enough to convict so she goes free. Was justice served? Why wasn't she found guilty?

Reportedly the jurors did not think she was innocent, but they did not have enough evidence to convict. In that sense, justice was served. But little Caylee is still dead, and the killer has not been brought to justice.

To some, it seems that Casey Anthony just got off, but did she? Will she get by her with horrible lies and wickedness?

No, she hasn't gotten by anything. There is a higher court of opinion that will rule in this matter. And that court does not have a problem with hidden evidence or lies. This court has an all seeing and all knowing Judge. There will no need to swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth in this court. This court has all the evidence and facts. No one can refute what this court knows.

It is the last and Great Judgement before God. Every deed and act will be judged. No one will get by with murder or crime there.

Oh, there is one exception. It is the grace exception.

Grace and mercy will be given to those who accept the payment for their crimes paid by Christ on The Cross. Just think of it. Just think of it. No matter what crimes or sins anyone has ever committed, they will be found NOT GUILTY if they have accepted the Grace of Calvary.

Praise God!

My sins are gone!

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