Monday, May 23, 2011


Saturday evening I attended a Suns baseball game here in Jacksonville. The Suns won, but it took a come from behind effort. I enjoyed the game and free tickets.

In the first inning the second Sun's batter hit a long, deep centerfield ball. It went over the center-fielder's head as the runner turned towards second base. On he ran towards third and it looked like he would have an inside the field home run.

But he hesitated even though the third base coach was waving him on to home plate. He looked toward the outfield and misjudged. Then he stopped. The outfielder's throw toward the infield was terrible. It was way off. The runner could have scored easily, but he stopped.

The next batter walked and eventually the bases were loaded with one out. But then came a double play and the runner, who could have had a home run, was left on third base.

His hesitation cost him. It cost the team. It could have been so much more. Everyone in the stands were let down. Sad.

There is a lesson here. Go for it. Go for life. Don't look back. Make the best of the moment. Don't quit short.

We won, but that was a lesson in life disappointment. Make it happen. Go for it.

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