Monday, May 2, 2011


This past weekend was a blur. We took Julie and the boys camping on Thursday evening through Saturday morning, and then Wanda and I left the campsite for me to perform and wedding. How is that for a combination? And of course there was church on Sunday. And then we made a mad rush to Leesburg and back on Sunday afternoon.

When we arrived at Hanna Park on late Thursday afternoon where we were camping, rain was heading our way. We couldn't decide what to do, and then finally just decided to go for it and camp. We got the tents set up just before a light shower. Then ate under a pavilion on Atlantic Beach. Then rain stopped as we returned to the campsite so we settled in our tents. Then more rain came and some distant lightning. Oooooo!

But we made it through the night, and Friday was gorgeous. We had perfect weather. We sipped coffee, cooked pancakes and bacon, rode bikes, shared in prayer and devotions, and enjoyed the glory of God's great creation. It was wonderful.

Saturday morning Wanda and I had to hurriedly breakdown the campsite, shower and dress, and head to a wedding that I performed on the beach just south of Ponte Vedre, Fl. It was beautiful. Camping and wedding don't necessarily go together, but the was a hoot.

God is good. Life is busy!

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