Monday, May 16, 2011


Husbands generally don't have a clue about the never ending work of a house wife. I thought for many years that a kitchen was a hallway to a dining room, but I learned that hard way that just isn't true. The cooking, cleaning, washing, preparing and caring never ends.

This past Saturday Wanda was extremely busy with multiple tasks. She was leading a ladies event at our church, had out of town company, and the list goes on. She is a great homemaker and works diligently to help in so many areas.

After she left Saturday for the ladies event, I thought I would go on a motorcycle ride. A quick look on the radar revealed a big thunderhead coming in quickly so I scratched that idea. I decided to study, relax, and just hang around the house.

Then I noticed clothes that needed washing. Well.... why not help her. So I washed several loads of clothes and folded them and placed them in their proper place. Beds needed making up from where I guests had slept. So I took the clean sheets I had just washed and made the beds.

It really didn't take that long, but it helped Wanda.

She helps me and it just seemed right to offer some extra help for her.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

I put a smile on my ladies' face.

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