Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Little Claudia asked her new Nana on Monday, "When you went on your honeymoon, did you find some honey?"

That little girl asked a thought provoking question that could speak to all of us about love, marriage, and life. 

The short answer is yes, we did find some honey. God is blessing our marriage and is touching all of our family in the process. God told me that Wanda would bless me and my children, and that I would bless her and her children. That is happening.

We went to Hilton Head, SC, for our honeymoon and rested, relaxed and enjoyed some recreation! We went bike riding and sailing!

Our first kiss which took place after my father pronounced us man and wife was just the first. We have found a sweetness in life that could only come from God. 

We took a sunset cruise on the sailboat "Stars and Stripes" and I got to sail it. It won the prestigious race called the America's Cup in 1987 when Dennis Connor served as its captain.
I am not a sailor, but I enjoyed acting like a captain for a few minutes as I stood at the helm. There is a lot of skill that goes into sailing. I learned a lot in a brief time at the wheel. It was fun.

The honeymoon continues as we are setting up house. Wanda is working hard to get the house in order as we are merging two houses into one. We have taken some of my furnishing out and added some of hers, and we are purchasing a few new items. 

Wanda is a gift from God to me, my children and grands, and to my ministry. God is so good. He is so good to me.


  1. HI Milton,
    I am so happy for you and Wanda. Thanks for sharing the video and photos.
    Carrie from NJ

  2. Wanda is a beautiful lady, a Mrs. America candidate! I like the bike too!

    Dad Dykes

  3. Is she a red head too? Congrats to both of you.

  4. No, she is not a redhead. She just has a reddish tint. She is one sweet, beautiful lady who has blessed our family. God is good.


  5. Dear Milton and Wanda,

    My beloved 51 year old husband is in CICU fighting for his life with a very weak heart and on dialysis for end stage renal failure.

    Please, please lift him up in your personal prayers and in your church. His name is Carl.

    The doctor said he is as sick as anyone he has ever cared for.

    Jesus can bring healing where no doctor can!


  6. Thank God for His gracious gift to you, Brother.