Friday, April 24, 2009

TV or NO TV?

What is the best way to develop a new love and grow a wonderful marriage? 

What about focusing again on the basics of marriage relationships? What about doing what you know to do? What about gleaning from those things you know worked in the first marriage and not including those things that didn't work in the first marriage? 

What about holding hands and praying together as the day begins?

What about listening more and talking less?

What about putting more emphasis on finding what pleases the other?

What about long walks, bicycle rides, and and sweet phone calls or text messages?

What about doing house chores together?

What about being thankful for what you have?

What about less TV or no TV?

Well, we are trying these ideas and more. Good second marriages happen just like good first marriages. It takes interest, effort, and love. It takes a lot of love.

The honeymoon continues.

Almost had a first disagreement, but a kiss ended it before it began. 

The honeymoon continues.


  1. Dad, We sound like we're on similar pages! We just cut cable and it's amazing how much time is wasted with TV! I've already read 3 books in less than two weeks, not including my daily Bible reading. More time for Javier and I to connect.

    So many people want passion and desire in their lives and marriages and it's amazing how God can fire that up if we'd only listen and let Him! It's delightful when you discover God is a romantic, cheering us on in the great romance of love!

  2. I love your comments and willingness to make a good marriage better.

    My son claims the reason my husband and I get along so well and have so few disagreements, is because we are older and have learned a lot in our previous marriages. I have to agree but insist he rephrase the older portion. (smile) Maybe informed would work.

    Keep up the love and the HONEYMOON....

    B.J. Brooks

  3. Milton, thank you for writing this. I'm getting married for the first time in October, and my fiance and I are beginning our premarital counseling with our church soon. It's an exciting time, and posts like this help me keep perspective.

    I love your posts about marriage and romance; they're so insightful and really make me stop to think about how my own life is changing.

    I'm glad the first "almost" disagreement was resolved by a kiss.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    All best,

  4. I like how you cut off the "almost disagreement"! Smooth Operator!!! :-)

  5. This post reminded me of an old poem by an unknown author. I've seen numerous versions. Here is mine:

    The 23rd Channel

    The TV set is my shepherd;
    My spiritual growth shall want.
    It maketh me to sit down and do nothing.
    It leadeth me away from faith and family.
    It destroyeth my soul.
    It leadeth me in the paths of unrighteousness;
    I am useless for his name’s sake.
    Yea, though I witness sex, violence & wicked deeds, I shall keep on watching.
    For my TV keeps me company.
    Its sound and its picture, they comfort me.
    It presenteth entertainment before me and robs me of precious time.
    Surely nothing good shall come of my life,
    And I will remain numb to the voice of God forever.