Friday, April 17, 2009


How long do honeymoons last? 

Well, the get-a-way trip part of our honeymoon had to end because life has to gone forward and there is work to do. But, the sweetness of new love is another story.

When we left on our honeymoon, my girls told me to stop and buy ice cream for Wanda if she asked for it. They knew that yhe first disappointment Kristy had with me was when I failed to stop on the Interstate Hwy to buy her some ice cream on our honeymoon. That was a subject that went on for years, but I learned and I assured them that I wouldn't make that mistake again. I haven't!

Blending families and making a new life together takes love, commitment, and give and take. That is where love comes into the equation. Wanda and I have made a commitment to make this marriage an even better ones that we both enjoyed with our first spouses. 

We have also agreed I will handled all the big stuff and she will handle all the little stuff. Thus far, nothing big has come up. HA! That is another little joke, very little.

My girls and Wanda's children have been so supportive as well as both of our families. We could not ask for a better reception among our friends, family, and church.

Now the honeymoon continues with new love everyday. Have we had an argument yet? No, not one. It is inevitable that a disagreement will come, but I would like to believe that we have learned from personal experience that tomorrow is not guaranteed so we must make the best of each day. That is our commitment. We will make everyday count and every day have newday of  love. 

And, if she wants ice cream, she will get it! 


  1. So happy for you both! I pray your honeymoon will never end.

    If you have a Bruster's Ice Cream nearby, let me suggest the Chocolate Lovers Trash. It's awesome! :)

  2. What a great outlook! I'm trying to do the same.....

  3. Baskin & Robbins' Lemon Custard or World Class Chocolate. El Yummo.

    Enjoyed the honeymoon pics. Wanda is a lovely lady.