Monday, April 27, 2009


So what was the almost a disagreement about from last week? 

Several have asked and many probably have wondered.

Last Wednesday, I asked Wanda if there was anything that I did that bothered her or annoyed her. She couldn't really think of anything and then mentioned that the closest thing to bothering her was when I get on the cell phone too long. 

I told her that there wasn't really anything that I could think of that she did which bothered me at this point.

Later that evening after coming home from Wednesday night church, I walked into the house and noticed that she was heading toward the back of the house. I went to my laptop thinking that this would be a could time to make a quick check on emails and write a moment.

After a few moments, she returned to our family room next to the kitchen table where I was typing, but I didn't really notice or stop work on the computer.

After a while of working, I noticed that the room was rather quiet and maybe had a little frostiness and chill settling in. It had gotten quiet, too quiet even for two people. 

I should not have ignored her and kept my nose in the computer. After all, we are still on the honeymoon.

So, I got up and walked over to where she was sitting with her back to me in the recliner and got real close to her face. 

Yes, it was definitely cool and getting frostier by the moment. She hadn't said anything or acted out of the way, but it was a little cooler.

I smiled, got closer, and kissed her on the lips. 

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have gotten on the computer and forgotten you," I said.

The kiss warmed the room and all was well.

As I stepped back I asked, "Do you like the flowers I bought you today?"

"Yes," Wanda sweetly responded. 

Preventive maintenance cures many problems before they start.

I wonder what our first argument will be about? 

I know that it is okay to work on laptops and talk on cell phones and so does Wanda, but I wonder how many marriages have been long frosted over by too much time spent in the wrong places.

Just wondering?


  1. Good catch your part. Although both of you are going through the marriage adjustment period, Wanda's whole life has been turned upside down - new home, new church, new neighbors, new friends, and her old routine, which included a full time job is gone. I'm wondering what the adjustment is like for her. Blessings on your marriage, if I haven't already wished you well.

  2. Another point to consider, if I may toss my hat into the ring: Kristy was a writer. The laptop was like an extension of her fingers. Wanda has other gifts. She may not understand your need to write, and especially your enthusiasm about relaying your daily life to an "audience". Have you asked her how she feels about being a part of this ongoing journal? It could be that she would like more privacy. Just a thought...

  3. Wanda and I have discussed the matter of my writing and the privacy issues of this blog. We are taking an approach where we both discuss what and how much I will write that includes personal matters. That is the only fair way. That is what love and respect does. It considers the other.

    The cool chill that settled in was just a bit of inconsideration on my part to attend to personal needs she has as she adjusts into our new home and life together. She needs extra amounts of my time and really we both need extra amounts of personal time that TV and computers tend to rob.

    The matter was more "me" than "her", and it ended before it ever got started.

    That is the best way for inevitable disagreements to be dwelt with.

    Milton Dykes

  4. "I wonder how many marriages have been long frosted over by too much time spent in the wrong places."

    This is an incredible statement! I can think of a myriad of places to insert in this sentence. Bars...another's arms....Wal-Mart....and yes, even Church.

    Thanks to both you and Wanda for sharing with us.