Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I mentioned to my church some months back that I had a sermon stirring in my heart to preach to men. The working title is something like "Men are Stupid!" Now not all men are stupid, but way too many fail to realize what they have in their wives until it is too late. I always helped Kristy and now I am helping Wanda in our home, but I could have done much more. There is a ton of work that goes into making a home "work". Homemakers are not given enough credit, and homemakers who work outside the home are given even less credit.

I have washed clothes, bought groceries, cooked "some", cleaned house, managed all home issues, and learned a whole lot!

Are men just stupid or what?

Now, I am not single and I should have preached my "Men Are Stupid" sermon before Wanda and I got married. I guess I don't want to belittle myself to her. That probably isn't fair to all the men who will hear the message as they shouldn't be belittled either in front of their spouses.

I am a blessed man twice over as God has given me a wonderful, sweet lady who loves me and is taking good care of me. When I pulled into the drive on Monday afternoon after a full day at the office and other church work, I felt for the first time in over a year and a half that my life was returning back to normal. I don't have to go anywhere, move anything, or deal with any hardship. 

Wanda fixed a beautiful dinner and I sat next to her that evening thinking in my heart how blessed I am. I left for a board meeting later and told the men before we adjourned that when they got home to look at their wives and give them a big hug. The men sat there understanding what I was telling them. They looked at me and knew that they should not take their wives for granted. They saw in my life that situations could change far too quickly.

I hope stupid men can learn. I am trying.


I am still trying to post part of the video of our wedding, but am having some technical problems. Hopefully, I can post it soon. It is too funny! My dad and siblings were a hoot!


  1. I love your perspective, but I know that I take my husband for granted far too often as I think women can be stupid too!

    Thank you for the reminder to hug our spouses and thank God daily for putting them in our lives!

  2. Thank you for sharing. Yes, we do take each other for granted. I'm trying to do better myself in that area.

  3. As a female, I try to steer away from male-bashing, simply because so many females do nothing but bash men. However, I do agree that men (at least some) can be very stupid. I think the main area in which this mentality is most often seen is in how they speak to their wife, or treat their wife, in general. I've found that these kinds of men highly desire to be the King of the Castle, the Head of the House, if you will. And they should be, according to scripture, but the problem comes when they don't realize that in order to be TREATED like a king, they must FIRST treat their wife like a queen. As the head of the house, it is a man's responsibility to make that first move, to show, by example.

    If a man ever learns to treat his wife like a queen, to speak to her like she's a queen, he will be SHOCKED to see what happens to him. His queen will bend over backwards and go to the ends of the earth to make his life pleasant.

    But if a man treats his wife with disrepsect, calling her unflattering names, etc., he will reap a very miserable harvest, because she will become all of the things he accuses her of being.

    That's when men show their stupidity.