Friday, April 10, 2009


Here are more pictures of our wedding. The top picture is Wanda and me with the three ministers who performed our ceremony. The second picture is our first family prayer as I lead Wanda and our children and grandchildren in asking for God's blessings over our blended family.

The next picture the prayer of blessing over Wanda this past Sunday morning as she became the "First Lady" of Southside Assembly. The following picture is of us cutting our cake at the beautiful reception our church gave us after the morning service. Southside Assembly has so kindly and warmly received Wanda and have made us feel loved and accepted as a couple to lead this great church.

The last picture is of all of our grands. Look at their smiles. It tells all. They are happy and blessed to see God's favor on us.

Last week was a wonderful whirlwind of activity. Our blended family of children and grandchildren all met together for the first time for lunch on Friday before our wedding and had new family pictures made after lunch. It was a really fun, interesting, and exciting time watching the kids connect and the grandkids meet. 
Our wedding was beautiful, sacred, worshipful, tender, funny and exciting. We had our "First Kiss" after dad and my siblings had some fun with Wanda and me drawing it all out. 

We had made a vow not to kiss until our wedding kiss and we kept that vow. As dad pronounced us man and wife, he mentioned our vow to the those in attendance and then looked in his book and pocket for a "paper" with a poem. He could not find it and then asked Janet, my 30 + baby sister sitting in the audience, if she knew where the "paper" was? Then Max spoke up and Tricia, and finally Norma said she had it. Norma then read a poem entitled "The Kiss". 

When Norma finished her poem, dad finally let me kiss Wanda.

Wow! Shebang! 

What a kiss!

I had been asked before we were married, "What will you do if the lady can't kiss?"

My answer always was, "We will take some lessons."

Well, the pretty lady can kiss and we are having a wonderful honeymoon get-a-way at Hilton Head, SC.

God has been so good to us. We are grateful.


  1. Milton,
    You look very Happy. May God Bless your new life.

  2. Milton,

    I love the expression on your face in the second to last picture. It is pure happiness and delight.

    All of the grands are adorable. Many, many blessings on you.

    All the best,

  3. God is good....................

  4. Your smile "tells all," Milton. Glad the kiss was good and no lessons required. Of course, practice does make perfect, and I'm sure you're getting your working on that.