Monday, July 1, 2013


I have dozens of passwords to all kind of accounts. Don't worry I am not going to share any of them now. Account after account requires a secret code to enter. Can't do any business without the right numbers or letters. The harder the better. At least that is what they say.

And they like for you to change them all the time. That adds to the burden. You aren't suppose to write them down, but how can you remember them if you don't record them somewhere?

Banks need passwords.

Electric companies need passwords.

Phone companies need passwords.

Google wants one.

AOL wants one.

ITunes wants one.

MobleMe wants one.

The Assemblies of God wants one.

My district wants one.

And the list goes on.

Passwords. Passwords. Passwords.

Can't remember them all, but can't do anything or go anywhere without one.

I can't even close my garage without a password.

What to do?

Here is good news!

There is only one password that matters. Remember this one. Write it down on your heart. Memorize it. Say it over and over. You can write this one down.

It is simple. Here it is.


Just say Jesus. The door will open.

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