Thursday, July 11, 2013


Laughter is like a medicine. It heals the soul. It releases strength. It renews the spirit.

We have just enjoyed having Julie, Nic, and Alex in our home for a few days. It wasn't long enough. What fun those boys are.

While sitting at the dinner table Wednesday night, Nic sucked a green bean into his mouth with a funny swish sound. It tuned his tickle box over, and he belly laughed so hard that he cried. It was too funny. I enjoyed his laugh too.

Life is too serious for most of us. Kids laugh at most anything and I think are happier for it. We need more laughter, more light moments, more joy.

It has been said that you can face anything in life if you can find something to laugh at as you go through it. That is true.

So here's to Nic bean belly laugh.


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