Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I am not into saving endangered animals of any kind. That is not my life focus. I worship the Creator not the creature. Animals of any kind do catch my attention. I love the outdoors with all of the plant life and little creatures. I am just not into tree hugging or animal worship.

Friday and Saturday Wanda and I enjoyed some "down" time in a quiet condo on the Gulf of Mexico in Steinhatchee, FL. The condo was located right at the mouth of the Steinhatchee River where it dumps into the Gulf.

Boaters and more boaters made their way out the river to the Gulf to fish. There was a steady stream of fishermen going and coming. Boater after boater made their way to their favorite fishing spots.

We were sitting enjoying the boat parade as I looked down from the second story porch into a small canal below us. Something dark and big was moving into the canal. There were several of them moving ever so slowly below us. Then one of them rose up peeking out of the water and breathed deeply. It was a manatee with two small babies.

For the rest of the day they leisurely ate and played below us. They are strange looking creatures. I could see how boat propellers could do major damage to them. They move so lazily through the water. They feasted on something there below the water. Up and down they bobbed playing and eating.

I think the thing that stuck out in my mind was their slow, leisurely pace. I liked that. Slow and leisurely. I need to try that too.

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