Monday, May 6, 2013


Early this past Sunday morning I heard the Lord speak to me, "How would you worship me today in church if this was your last time to worship?" I didn't think the Lord was telling me that my time was short, but rather that He was challenging me as to how I would worship Him.

I mentioned that to our congregation as we began Sunday morning worship. It made a difference in how I worshipped in song and praise. That probably is not a good sign, but a sign that I need to focus more intensely and passionately on how I worship the Lord.

Worship is more that a song service on Sunday morning. It is the manner of love and passion we show to the Lord in all we do. It is serving Him in truth and in Spirit. It is giving Him first place in all we do. Worship is honoring the Lord, His commands, His Word, His directions. It is loving Him with all of our hearts in all we do.

Sunday evening we had a great night of praise and worship. Our band led and Carlos Santiago came and presented a concert. I love His singing. He does it from His heart and we incredible giftedness. He is fantastic!

Music is a wonderful gift to enjoy. I love Blue Grass and Classical music. Jazz, Big Bands, Southern Gospel, and High Worship are all part of my love of music.

Most of all, I love music that glorifies the Lord. He is worthy of all praise.

Sunday evening worship was wonderful. Praising Jesus is good.

When we get to heaven, we will have to be willing to sing a new song. The language of heaven will be different than the languages earth. It won't be English. I am not sure how we'll sing, but it will be a song of eternal praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It will be glorious.

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