Friday, May 24, 2013


Relationships connect through trust. When trust is broken, everything is lost. Businesses cannot function in an environment of broken trust. Governments fails when their is no trust. Sports teams lose when trust is broken. Marriages struggle when trust is missing.

What is the basis of trust?

It begins with truthfulness and is bound by faithfulness. When promises, agreements, contracts, or commitments aren't respected and honored then trust is lost.

Faithfulness is the quiet voice of love. How can we say we love when we lose respect of others and then break our words or promises.

That is what makes God so amazingly incredible. It is sweet to trust in Jesus. You can take Him at His Word. He keeps His Word. He is faithful.

We need a revival of trust in our world, but that won't come without a real, honest, heartfelt revival of God and His love. His love in us produces a stability of life, word, and deed. Then others can know we are dependable and trustworthy.

Broken trust always leads to broken lives. I am so thankful to have a family and dear friends whom I can trust. My prayer is that I will live in a manner that they can know that they can trust in me.

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