Monday, February 11, 2013


My day begins every morning reading the Word. I am using a 6 month Bible program to read through God's Word every six months. Then I spend a few moments in prayer. Later in the morning Wanda and I have a devotional and prayer time.

We pray for our children and grandchildren and parents and siblings. We call them by name and pray over any particular needs we are aware of in their lives. We also pray for our church staff and leaders and our church family. Prayer changes things. It moves mountains. It is the difference maker.

Sunday after church a young man came up to the altar and shared how much he enjoyed the church service. He said that Sunday church sets the pace for his week. It cleanses and blesses. He was so excited. He is right.

And so does morning devotions. They help set the pace for the day. One connects with God right from the beginning of the day. That is how I feel.

Where did I get this discipline?

I learned it growing up as a boy in our home. We prayed together every morning. We might miss the bus or be late, but we prayed together. Those prayers kept me as I grew up, and now these many years as an adult I have continued to follow that discipline because it still works.

Worry is conquered through prayer.

Mountains are brought low through prayer.

Wisdom is received through prayer.

Strength is renewed through prayer.

Problems are solved through prayer.

Families are united through prayer.

I have on my nightstand a small card that reads, "Nothing is too hard for God." I read it every morning. It is an encouragement to me and reminds me that there is nothing I will face through the day that is too big for my God.

Morning devotions are a huge source of enrichment in my life. Thank God that He is waiting every morning for our private time.


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