Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It is very hard for a preacher to stay thin. Last week one precious church member offered strawberry shortcake with whipped cream at a delicious luncheon that Wanda and I enjoyed in their home. At a funeral dinner, another church member baked a fabulous peanut butter cake just for me, she said. There was some serious calories in those deserts, and man were those cakes and pies good!

Then a preacher's work is primarily sedentary. We study. Sit behind a desk. We counsel. We fellowship. While the act of preaching is physical, there isn't enough exercise in that to keep one fit.

Then there is the mental, emotional, and physiological strains. While I am thankful for God's call on my life to preach and pastor, sharing in carrying the needs, burdens, trials, and problems of others can be impacting and in the process add to the physical problems pastor's face. I won't say I eat because of the strains and rigors of pastoring, but I will say that stress pushes one toward comfort foods. Ha!

What is one to do?

Well, gluttony is a sin.

My, that is blunt, but true.

I don't want to sin so I guess I have to look at the alternatives.

Through the years I have incorporated various ways to get some physical exercise. I have enjoyed tennis, bicycling, walking, swimming, jogging and running, working in my yard, doing various video workout programs, going to the gym, basketball, and other forms of physical exercise.

I have also made adjustments in my diet.

I gave up sodas years ago. I gave up sweeteners in my coffee after Wanda and I married. She helped me with that one. I gave up fried foods and have tried to pay attention to portion sizes at meals. I have tried to eat slower to enjoy my food and better digest it. This helps to get the sense of fullness quicker and thus not tend to over eat. I have chosen to eat a lite snack midmorning and mid-afternoon to help me not to get too hungry and then overeat at meal times.

Why do all of this? Because preachers tend to get fat due to the previous things mentioned. I want to be my best and enjoy life. Taking care of my body will help me do that and also help me to be an encourager to others to do the same.

So, Lord help me today to take care of my body so I can honor you and bring glory to your name.


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