Friday, February 22, 2013


I am headed down the stretch toward the 15K Gate River Run. Thursday morning I did a fast 2 mile run with a time under 9 min per mile. That's not great, but I think it's ok for me. I'm increasing my pace in running. I look at my time watch through the run to gauge my pace and keep it at the right time per mile. That takes focus and mental determination.

Life is like that in that too often we're not focused and not living intentionally. We take life as it comes rather than under God making life happen. We don't rid ourselves of unnecessary weights and they weigh us down.

Can you imagine me carrying a 25 pound weight in my arms to do a 15K run? Don't worry. I am not doing that, but I was carrying 25 extra pounds around my waist that I no longer carry. Discipline, hard, work, and focus have helped me eliminate those extra pounds.

Saturday I am running the 5 mile Ortega River Run. I have run this race five or six times, and I hope that this year will be my best run yet. I ran a practice 5 mile run earlier this week and did it in 46 minutes. That's not bad either. I hope to beat that time on Saturday.

I am claiming 100 years of long life. Of course that is in God's hands, but I am going to try to help Him by making as good of life and health choices as I can.

Today I ran two miles toward better health and a better life. With God, I can do all things and run the race of life and finish strong. Thank you Lord for your help. Amen!


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