Friday, December 21, 2012


My last post dwelt with the topic of pastoral visitation. I mentioned that Wanda and I had made several visits on Monday afternoon to people in need in our congregation. They all had need. One is under hospice care. Another has been in a comma for almost two months. A third had been deathly sick but was recovering.

Wednesday during lunch I received word that the one who was expected to recover had passed. It was shocking. We talked with Dorita, a 62 year old spina bifida survivor, and she looked forward to being back in church soon. We left some poinsettias and had a nice visit.

Now she is in heaven. She had been bound to a wheel chair all of her life, but now she is straight, tall, and walking. She is well, whole, and happy.

Dorita was an inspiration in our church and every where she went. She has an adult son who is a fine christian man. He is a miracle. I don't know how she could bear a child, but she did. That is just one of the many miracles of Dorita's life.

She served as one of our church greeters on Sundays. She had a radiant smile and made everyone feel welcome. Over and over through these years I have been blessed to see her each Sunday with a praise flowing from her lips to God. She was a huge inspiration.

It is hard to lose church members. I know she is in heaven, but we miss her. We had looked forward to her returning to church again. Now she is in heaven. Praise God, she is in heaven.

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  1. my mother was very sick on earth and an invalid for the last couple of years. However, although I know she is in heaven, she is not in her glorified body yet so would not be running, standing straight...her soul is there but her body will not join her until the resurrection, as I imagine your friend will be after the resurrection, too. Just a comment..............