Monday, December 10, 2012


This has been a weekend of enjoying wonderful Christmas programs. It began Saturday evening in Lakeland, Fl., watching Paige and Cole perform, continued with our churches' children's presentation on Sunday morning at Southside, and then taking in the Christmas Orchestra and Piano musical at First Baptist on Sunday night. They were all great.

Paige had a acting part. Cole sang, and well, he also picked his nose. Ha!

At Southside, our children did an outstanding job sharing the Christmas story through song.

Then Sunday evening at First Baptist topped it all off with a super orchestra and 8 grand pianos.

I loved watching our two grandkids and our Southside kids. They were beautiful. We were blessed.

To be honest, my favorite presentation of the weekend was listening to Aaron, a boy in our kid's program. Wow! Did he do great! He put his heart into it. He sang with enthusiasm. I will be frank. I wiped a tear. He touched hearts Sunday morning.

What was so fantastic about Aaron?

Glad you asked.

Aaron has numerous challenges. I won't go into lots of details, but will just say that he has a very difficult time staying focused and staying still. We have chased him all over our church and then some. But we love him dearly.

I heard numerous comments about Aaron's part. He was a hit. I can't remember when I was blessed by a special as the song Aaron sang. I wish everyone sang with the passion he did.

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