Friday, December 7, 2012


Monday I received a call that one of our church vans had been stolen. We have two vans that we use for church ministry to bring people to church and many other church related activities. It was our best van with new tires no less.

How aggravating!

Why would anyone desire to steal and especially from a church.

But this isn't the first time we have had items stolen. We have had numerous air conditioners stolen the last couple of years. It has cost us thousands of dollars. We have secured them by fencing and alarm systems but they have repeated ripped the copper out. They get a few dollars from the copper and it costs us thousands to repair.

I guess it shows that our work helping share the love of God isn't completed. People desperately need the Lord.

We prayed that the Lord would return our van and Wednesday it was discovered by the police. It had been stolen by thieves to transport other stolen merchandize. The police got into a chase with the thieves and the van wrecked damaging the front right fender and ruining a tire. They had thrown the seats away to give room to haul their stolen goods.

Unbelievably, the stolen items left in the van were nothing but junk. Nothing of value. These thieves were going around stealing junk! How sad. They risked everything for junk.

I guess that is the deception of the devil. Why would you risk going to jail or getting shot for junk. Only the devil knows. He is really good at blinding people from the truth.

We prayed for them. They ran after the van wrecked and got away. I guess they could come back and do it again. God have mercy on them and save them Stop them from their sinning ways. Capture them so they want hurt others. Save them from their sins, the devil, and themselves. Amen!

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