Monday, November 23, 2009


Take me out to the ballgame, a football game that is.

It is OK to be a ball enthusiast if it is not at the top of the list of priorities. I enjoy sports, but seldom get to go in person to watch a football game. Sunday one of my good church members invited me to a Jaguar football game and we won!!!! I made it to the game after our morning worship service and was back at church for a worship and praise gathering at 6 PM. It is just minutes from our church to the stadium so I was sitting in the stands listening to the National Anthem and watching the kickoff at 1 PM.

The score was 18-15 Jags against the Buffalo Bills. The game was close and we were behind 10-15 with just four minutes or so to go in the game. It looked like the Bills would upset us, but our defense held and the offense drove down the field and scored.

One highlight of the game was Terrell Owens of the Bills catching a 98 yard touchdown against us. That was almost the winning score. It wasn't pretty for the Jags but a very spectacular play for the Bills. It was the longest touchdown pass I had ever seen and was the longest one ever against the Jags.

Another highlight was the military parachutists who landed on the football field during halftime. Several of them jumped from their plane and glided onto the field to the applause of the fans. It was exciting.

Here is a video of their landing. Enjoy.

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