Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Yesterday, Nov. 17, was my Mom and Dad's 65th wedding anniversary. That is a lot of living, lovin', and forgiving, and loving some more. Wanda and I have been married a total of 69 years with her first marriage of 32 years and my first marriage of 37 years, but we have only been married to each other for 7 months. It took two marriages for us to beat them. I am thankful and grateful to God and Mom and Dad for them sticking it out all these years.

"Sticking it out" may not be the best way to describing a marriage of longevity. I'm sure that the good times have far outweighed the hard times, but every marriage has things that have to be worked through. The good news is that they have stayed together and that makes even grown "kids" feel good.

Next week my siblings will gather on Thanksgiving Day to celebrate their 65th. I think Thanksgiving Day is a wonderful time to give thanks to Mom and Dad for all they have done for our family. We are going to eat turkey and trimmings and pumpkin pie and pecan pie and Max's dump cake and more. It will be a super celebration--a super Thanksgiving.

Congratulations Mom and Dad. I am proud of you and thankful God gave me as your first born. You have invested into my life beyond what my small vocabulary can express. May God give you many more years together.

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