Friday, November 13, 2009


Freedom is what makes America great.

Ultimately, all freedom come from God. How sad that some misconstrue the truth of God's Word as a binding force. Without truth there can be no real freedom. Without God and His Word, there is no real truth. Isn't it sad but yet interesting that the most depressed and impoverished nations of the world are nations that do not honor God? God and the freedom that flows from His righteousness and truth are a blessing.

Truth sets people free. Now, we are living in an age where truth is being exchanged for a lie. Lies always lead to bondage, corruption, and death.

Want some examples?

What about David Letterman? He laughed about moral people until he was found to have been living immoral and had to apologize to his wife, family, other employees, as well as his audience. The lies he had winked at and mocked have now shamed him.

What about the numerous national government leaders who have resigned in shame due to immoral actions. The world laughs and mocks morality until the ugly truth is found out that a lack of virtue is a shame and a reproach and leads to bondage.

When I was a teenager working my way through college, I worked a construction job one summer. I was a christian and let my light shine. I wasn't afraid to share God's love and stand up for my convictions.

Every Friday the boss would joke and kid me about going to party with the gang. "Let's go get some beer and women and let's have some fun," he would poke at me. Of course, I wouldn't go and they would rag me even more.

Until one Friday I told I would go with them. They just about fell off the roof where we were working in amazement. "You're going to party with us," the boss asked?

"Yes," I responded, "But with one condition. I get to party and have your teenage daughter for the night."

Well, that ended the kidding and poking fun at me. They never brought that subject up to me again. The boss didn't want his daughter hurt, or taken advantage of, or to become pregnant. The truth of immoral consequences hit him right between the eyes.

The lies are in our Nation are many and cover sexual, economic, and governmental immoralities. Of course the ultimate source of all these lies is Satan, the father of lies.

I am praying that God will show mercy to our Nation and that the truth of God's Word and His righteousness will shine bright again. I am praying that the foolishness of sinful choices will hit Congressional leaders right between the eyes and the that truth of immoral consequences will be exposed for the lie and shame they are. I am praying that righteousness and truth will cover our Nation again.

So sadly our President has declared that America is not a Christian Nation. How shameful that such a stance would be taken. Can't our leaders see that God has blessed America as we have stood upon judeo christian ethics and principles.? Can't they see that blessings come from following and applying truth in our lives? Can't they see that shame is the result of veering from truth found in God's Word?

Oh God, please have mercy on America . Reveal truth in the high and low places. Let truth reign again so America can be free.


  1. A very good commentary! Well said! God have mercy and once again bless America.


  2. Thanks for these words! This goes along w/the 30 Days of urgent prayer for our nation that started Thursday & was called by the pastor of Christian Life Assemblly, in Columbia,SC.