Monday, October 4, 2010


How hot has it been?

Maybe the hottest I can remember in my life, but it is cooler now. You can enjoy the feel of Autumn temps. They call it hog killing weather in Alabama. Now it is not that cool here in Jax, at least not yet, but it does feel good.

It makes motorcycle riding sweet. It makes football more comfortable to enjoy. It gives release to new colors and leads toward the Holiday seasons just weeks away.

Florida is the place to be these next months. The roads will crowded with all those folks up North heading down I-95. They will fill up South Florida and Central Florida and a few will even stop on the First Coast.

Long sleeves are coming off the closet racks. Air conditioners will run less. Yards won't have to be cut so much. Sweet. Nice. Cool.

It is Florida and it is cool. Yahoo!

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