Friday, October 15, 2010


Thursday I left Switzerland, NC, headed toward home. I have spent this week riding the mountains in NC, with several guys from Jax and Alabama. It was a man trip while Wanda was with her sisters and Mom on a ladies trip.

Traveling with the guys makes for all kinds of manly stories, you know just like the girls but opposite. Guys are ok, but don't come close to riding with Wanda. Sorry guys, that is just the way it is. We did have a super time stopping here and there, looking at Parkway views, sipping coffee, and tailgating from the back of Big Red. We actually stopped at a couple of antique shops and a furniture outlet. One of the guys was a girly man.

We had a christian gang going there. We prayed before every ride for safety and for our families back home, and we all gave thanks for a safe ride.

I saw turkeys, deer, and dead animals all up close. The turkey flew right over my head, and the deer were thirty yards or so in front of us crossing the Blue Ridge. Believe me, they get the right-of-way.

When we left Switzerland, our intent was to stop in Columbia, SC, overnight, but we arrived there sooner than we anticipated and just kept riding, and riding, and riding. We finally stopped here in Jax.

That makes for about 458 miles in one day on Big Red. There were numerous stops along the way, but we were ready to get home. So home we headed.

The Autumn leaves were just glorious. The beauty of God's creation is beyond words. That what makes riding in the open so enjoyable. You are just out there in all of it.

Oh, one final thought. Thank God for a safe trip with only one issue, a dead battery on Big Red. That was minor and replaced quickly. I can't wait for the next trip. Life is good.

The pic above was taken in Switzerland, NC, at the inn we stayed.


What color! What fun!

And God made it all!

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