Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I was only five and a half, but something wasn't right inside me. There was something missing and incomplete and I didn't know what it was. 

I was crying and my mom looked me over as I had come running into the house from playing. She was checking to see where I was hurting, but I told her I had not hurt myself.

Then, my godly, spiritual mother sensed something happening far deeper in me. I don't know how she knew what was going on in a little guy like me, but she did. 

She asked me, "Do you want to ask Jesus to come into your heart?"

Quickly and with tears I said, "Yes."

Slowly and ever sweetly, my mother prayed with me and I asked Jesus to come into my heart. I felt a change inside me. Something happened in my that I feel even today. Jesus came into my heart and life. I felt saved, clean, and at peace. 

Can five year olds get saved?

I did.


  1. Yes, I believe they can. I think a five year old knows a lot. You had a tender heart and were ready. I love your story. I grew up in the church also and I knew the Lord was real in my heart also. Thank you for reminding me of my experience too.

  2. You bring up a great question...and I know the answer is yes. Recently, my 7 year old wanted to be baptized and others in our church thought he was too young. But when my 7 year old son came to me and told me that he wanted God to come into his life and wash the "yuck" out of his heart....who am I to tell him no? He knows that only God can make him whole and only God can take away the "yuck" in our lives and replace it with good.

    Praise the Lord...YES, YES, YES...5 year olds can be saved!!!!